The best Apple mobile phone, the most mobile phone evaluation in history, I suddenly realized after reading it.

The best iPhone ever

With gorgeous OLED screens, first-class security, unparalleled power and a competitive camera, you can’t do better than the iPhone X.

Applicable people : Anyone who has been eager to have a new look.

Cost: 1000 USD
Why do we choose iPhone X :

iPhone X represents Apple’s iconic product for the next decade. The Home button facilitates a modern, edge-to-edge “no border” design that makes it easier to remember. This change brings a new gesture-based way to interact with the iPhone, which is still very satisfying.

Although it has the technology we saw on other Android phones, Apple often does the best. DisplayMate’s recently proven high-resolution OLED screens are energy-efficient and colorful, with ink, dark black; it makes watching videos and movies feel more immersive.

The all-glass design allows the iPhone X to be wirelessly charged and can be soaked in water as it is IP67 waterproof. The A11 Bionic processor is still unbeatable, with reliable performance when moving on the home screen or playing ARKit-intensive augmented reality games.

Most importantly, the TrueDepth camera introduces a new, more secure way to unlock your phone, and it can also help you enhance your selfies.

The TrueDepth camera is a series of depth-sensing cameras and sensors on top of the iPhone X. It recognizes the complexities of your face and simply unlocks your phone with a new system called Face ID.

Apple said it believes that Face ID is the future of its product line, so waved goodbye to Touch ID. It works very quickly, even at night. While Touch ID is a faster and more reliable way, it is more difficult for some people to use a phone with Face ID to access the phone.

The face recognition code is not the only new feature brought by the TrueDepth camera – you can now use the self-portrait image mode. The camera detects the background and subject fairly accurately, allowing you to blur everything around your face while taking a selfie.

It’s in beta and will only get better in the next few months, but it does make your selfies stand out. TrueDepth cameras also allow you to send animated emoji or Animojis. Like motion capture used in movies, emojis mimic your facial expressions and record audio that you can send to friends on any device.

The battery lasts for a whole day, but like most flagship smartphones, the large number of good stores is fast.

Switching to iOS 11, it offers more customization than ever before, and on iPhone X it feels lively and fluid. There is a redesigned App Store, an easy-to-use new control center, and a file application that makes it easy to use your Macbook.

Coupled with Apple’s commitment to your security and privacy, instant software updates and industry-leading customer service, you can walk into any Apple Store and get help for free, and you have a great smartphone.

The lack of a headphone jack is the only major sign of the iPhone X. It comes with Lightning EarPods, but if you have your own headphones, you may encounter the included 3.5mm-to-Lightning adapter. You may want to buy wireless earbuds, but these scenes are not the end of the world.

The iPhone 7 Plus first canceled the headphone jack in 2016, and most Android manufacturers have joined. Based on our experience on the iPhone X , we can confidently tell you that you will survive. It is not ideal, but it is becoming the standard for the entire industry.
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