iPhone multi-pronged: hidden camera +98% screen ratio + Apple A13 innovation is the last word

In fact, from the situation of consumers choosing mobile phones in recent years, they have begun to get rid of the shackles of the brand and no longer pursue the brand effect blindly. This can be seen from the coldness of the iPhone. Consumers are more willing to believe in and choose innovative mobile phones. They can also say that they are more willing to try. From last year’s all-in-one comprehensive screen to mechanical full-screen, it is a hundred flowers, which is what manufacturers and consumers are most willing to see. As the big brother in the mobile phone industry, the iPhone has been constantly innovating and changing, but the iPhone has higher requirements for the quality of mobile phones. Recently, there has been an exposure to an iPhone concept new machine, an iPhone multi-pronged product, an innovative product.

At present, most mobile phones on the market are designed to achieve a full-screen without borders, because the visual experience brought by the full-screen without borders is very strong, and the value of the mobile phone will be higher. According to the data, this concept machine is very close to the borderless full screen in the design of the appearance. It adopts the scheme of hiding the camera. The reserved frame is extremely narrow, and the degree of the screen ratio is very high, no matter Playing games or watching movies can bring an extremely comfortable experience. The screen size of the machine is 6.4-inch high-definition display, the screen uses a super AMOLED screen, the resolution is 2960×1440 pixels, the picture quality is very clear, the aspect ratio is 19.5:9 design ratio, due to the use of hidden camera The program, so the screen ratio of the machine reached 98% of the screen.

From the renderings, you can see that this Apple concept machine has no components on the screen. It looks very high-end atmosphere. For the camera design, the slide cover is hidden. This design method will make the phone have a mysterious design. The veil, slide-type mobile phone is not much in today’s market, only a few mobile phones will adopt this design method, can achieve a very novel effect, this phone’s camera is front dual camera, front dual The camera is also very rare in today’s market. For the design of the camera, I think it is very in place. The front dual-pixel pixel is 12 million + 5 million pixels, equipped with AI beauty technology.

At present, the rear of the mobile phone on the market can basically be seen at a glance, but this new Apple camera can not be seen at a glance at the rear camera, and the rear cover is also designed with a hidden cover for the slide. The post-design of this concept machine has achieved innovative results. Apple’s brainstorming will definitely make many consumers stunned. According to the data, the two cameras and one LED flash are arranged on the back of the mobile phone in a horizontal arrangement. The pixels of the rear dual camera are 20 million + 12 million pixels, and the aperture combination of F/1.6+F/1.8 is adopted. It is equipped with shooting technology such as OIS optical image stabilization. This way of hiding the camera before and after, it is considered that the iPhone is multi-pronged.

It is well known that the Face ID technology developed by Apple is very strong. It is a very top recognition technology in all current face recognition. This technology is unique to Apple and will not be shared with others. The mobile phone company, and this iPhone concept machine is equipped with Face ID technology, certainly not bad in the security index. Apple mobile phone has many characteristics, especially the processing and details of the Apple mobile phone is very perfect, this new machine is the case, not only in the details of the processing is very good, the quality of the fuselage is also very strong, The 3.5 mm headphone jack was removed.

Although Apple’s mobile phone is very strong in many aspects, it has always been unpredictable in terms of battery life. The ability to maintain battery life is not very strong. The problem of battery life has not been solved well, and the author introduced it today. This new machine is very good at battery life. It has a built-in 4200 mAh battery. It is equipped with wireless charging and 40W fast charging technology. It can be fully charged and can be fully charged at any time. A sense of security. This concept machine uses Corning’s sixth-generation gorilla glass in the material of the fuselage. It is very resistant to scratching and anti-fall to a certain extent. It is made of all-metal material on the frame.

A series of processors and IOS systems must have been used by people who have used Apple phones. The A series of processors and IOS systems are the processors and systems developed by Apple itself. These two hardwares are Apple’s own Yes, and Face ID technology will not be shared with other mobile phone companies. The biggest difference between Apple’s mobile phones and all mobile phones on the market is the mobile phone system. The vast majority of mobile phones on the market are Android systems. Apple’s mobile phone is using its own developed IOS system, which is one of the reasons why Apple’s mobile phone is particularly expensive. The new machine is equipped with an Apple A13 chip on the processor. The system is equipped with IOS, the running memory is 6GB, and the storage memory is 128GB/2556GB512GB.

Apple has made a new change in the design of mobile phones. Do you know if the design of the iPhone in the future is so variable? Let us wait and see! Compared with the concept machine introduced today, it seems to me to be very good. Whether it is the use of hidden cameras before or after, or the 4200 mAh battery, it is the result of the iPhone’s multi-pronged approach, which also confirms Innovation is the last word. The design of the appearance can attract the attention of consumers. I don’t know how you think about this concept machine?

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