Google Pixel Stand mobile phone evaluation: with good performance, with a good assistant

Google Pixel Stand Review: Google’s best accessories ever

If you think about it, Google Home is just a way for Google Virtual Assistant to express itself. Assistants can use speakers and headphones, smart displays and smart watches, but the core function of the Google Assistant is wherever you need it. That’s why the Google homepage blends into your home décor, which is why it looks like an air freshener.

A few days ago, Google introduced the Pixel Stand. While it may seem like any other wireless charging station from the outside, Google has developed some new ideas to let its assistants exist in a new way on existing devices.

So how does it work and what is special about it? Read our full Google Pixel Stand review for information.

Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL Review: Android iPhone

Google’s new Pixel Stand is definitely Google. In other words, it’s an object that blends almost seamlessly into your home, with a distinctive white silicone body and a colored base.

Unfortunately, this may not work in a more mixed decoration. Pixel Stand works best when you forget it, just like Google Home. In Google’s vision of the world, this will be a bright white room, with only the introduction of colors from key works such as paintings and ornaments. Google designed their products for an idealized scene, and I hope they can provide more than one color bracket – white.

Pixel Stand uses Google’s new fast wireless charging technology. Pump 10 watts of power into your Pixel by air, it also works for boxes – even the relatively thick Moment box, I have been swaying since launch.

While it’s not as fast as USB Type-C to quickly charge through its 18-watt fast charger, Google has taken some compelling tricks to keep your Pixel on the platform longer than usual. I will explain in detail later.

Charge as you like, but Pixel 3 will charge more intelligently.

The stand is based on the Qi charging standard, so any device with Qi wireless charging can be used with the charger, but the Pixel 3 retains special features. Because the Pixel Stand has two separate charging coils, you can set the device on it in portrait or landscape orientation and still jump. Very playful.

Not just charges

Google charges $79 for the Pixel booth, which is a big income. You can get hundreds of wireless chargers that are much cheaper than this first-party option, so Google has to add something that makes the Pixel Stand particularly valuable. Finally, Google completed its image processing on the Pixel 2 XL – it moved some of the smart technology to a separate microprocessor.

Obviously, this microprocessor is not as complicated as the Pixel Visual Core. Instead of performing image recognition through machine learning, Pixel Stand’s microprocessor checks that your phone is actually Pixel 3 and then stores a unique ID to pair it so that it can be recognized again later. This is done because Stand can host multiple pixels and perform different operations depending on how the user sets it up to work on a particular Stand. This is useful if you have multiple Pixel Stands, such as the Pixel Stand you use at the bedside, just like using a digital photo frame in DND mode, using a Pixel Stand as a clock at your desk. If the other person in your family also owns Pixel 3, the unique identifier for each phone bracket combination is also useful.

What your phone can trigger is as simple as placing the phone in Do Not Disturb mode on a Pixel stand, or even telling your device to turn off the screen when it detects darkness. Many of Pixel Stand’s actions can implement Google’s digital benefits program, which I think is a great use for wireless chargers. The stand encourages you to place your phone on the stand while still being useful.

By default, Pixel Stand will display the notification time and the new interface of the Google Assistant. You can press the “Assist” button to trigger a voice action, but Google wants you to start using the “Hey Google” buzz. Pixel 3 has a front speaker for a reason – it turns into Google Home.

You can let the assistant tell you your day, this will do something, such as watching the news, letting you know when you should go to work. You can also use the general features of the Assistant to trigger other aspects of your smart home, such as launching a smart coffee machine or turning on the lights. Conventional is a very powerful feature that can be automated in a comfortable bed.

Another action Google launched with Pixel Stand is Photo Frame. This action uses your Pixel 3 as a variety of digital frameworks to parse through your Google Photos, just as Chromecast can do. It can also use some AI intelligence to automatically select the best image from the library, and it works very well. I didn’t sort the photo library at all, and it was full of screenshots of random device photos and benchmark phones. To my surprise, Photo Frame mainly used my actual photo mirrorless camera and the best photos I took with my mobile phone, mainly showing me photos of people smiling.

Google also introduced a new feature called Sunrise Alarm. This will use the OLED display on Pixel 3 to slowly increase the brightness of the screen in a solid color, even if it doesn’t wake you up, it will wake your body in the surrounding environment. This process starts 15 minutes before your actual alarm is set to off, and if you are lucky, it may help you wake up without the need for a loud and annoying alarm clock. If you do reach the level of the actual alarm, then you should be more prepared to wake up in the morning and feel better – at least in theory. This feature has not been released yet, but we are happy to test it immediately after clicking on it later this month.

After this week, Google looks more like Amazon and Apple.

Google doesn’t care about its hardware because it cares about making the assistant a part of your life. The more assistants you can live, the better. Google is developing more innovative ways to get helpers into the products we use every day.

The whole meaning of the assistant is around you. Whether you’re using Google Home, a headset that supports Google Assistant, a smart monitor, or a mobile phone, Google wants you to have access to your Assistant no matter where you are. Why are Google Home Mini and Google Home Hub so affordable? Google wants assistants to be able to enter every room in your home.

Good or bad, your phone is now Google Home.

In this case, Pixel Stand will convert your phone to Google Home. Of course, no matter where you are, you can technically dial the assistant from your mobile phone, but Google wants to encourage you to use the assistant instead of the screen. This is expected to quickly charge your phone when you need to leave home. Additional features such as Photo Frame encourage you to put your phone on the stand and rely on your voice to search. Google is pushing us into a world of sound first.

Pixel Stand is also a huge driving force for Google’s digital benefits. With the features promised by the Pixel Stand, we encourage users to park the device on the stand and leave it there when it is put home, until it helps them wake up more naturally in the morning. Instead of nervous news and notifications, you will be impressed by the memories automatically selected from the messy Google Photo Gallery. Google wants us to live in a world where we don’t use mobile phones when we are not at home. This is a reality, and I will be very excited to live here. Of course, in this idealistic worldview, it is just a Google service worthy of a pass.

In the end, it comes down to treating our phones as utilities. Of course, when we don’t do much else, they can be a source of entertainment, but the app has changed from unconscious to mostly work. Slack is installed in more than 10 million devices around the world, and it’s something we can all live when you relax and hear the horrible snoring.

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