iPhone bottoming salary: 38 million + matrix modeling + 4000mAh + 512GB Apple excellence

Apple’s share price has been twisted and twisted. Last year’s stock price plummeted, and then the stock price rebounded during the Spring Festival. Many people in the industry are speculating that the most important factor in the recovery of Apple’s stock price may be the adjustment of Apple’s mobile phone pricing strategy. But looking at the future, Apple’s mobile phone still faces enormous challenges. Is it adjusted in price strategy or is it constantly improving on innovative technologies? Xiao Bian feels that it is still necessary to start from two aspects. The iPhone will hold a conference to release a new machine on March 25th. I wonder if this new opportunity will bring surprises to the public. Is it a new machine product or something? Or go with a small editor to see it?

iPhone mobile phone excellence, on the basis of Liu Haiping screen last year, upgraded Liu Haiping, we can see that the big bangs are not popular, this Apple new machine uses a micro bangs design (persistence of bangs), in fact, the screen space occupied by micro bangs It is very small. Another upgrade of Apple’s new machine is that there is no wide chin, it can be seen as a zero-border borderless mobile phone. Compared with the previous generation of mobile phones, the value of this mobile phone has increased greatly. Apple’s new machine is 6.5 inches in size, and the display is a flexible OLED display. It uses a highly technical COP packaging technology, which greatly enhances the proportion of mobile phone screens.

The iPhone’s new machine is in full swing. This time, the dawn of the light, finally come out of the odds, the front lens uses a dual lens design. The front element contains the earpiece design and is equipped with an infrared sensor assembly. The pixel design of the front lens is 11 million + 8 million double lens design, the deep sensor is for the face recognition of the Apple mobile phone, and the other lens is a telephoto lens. Apple’s mobile phone is also equipped with Sony’s sensor. The front lens is equipped with AI technology and HDR high-dynamic camera technology. This technology can help Apple’s mobile phone automatically enhance the light environment, and the image will be more vivid and more layered.

In fact, the rear lens design of the new iPhone is indeed exposed on the Internet. For the first time, the rear three-shot is used. With the matrix design, Apple really wants to enhance the camera technology and carry more fun features for the mobile phone lens. The rear lens is first designed in a matrix. The three lenses are arranged in a triangle. The camera is equipped with a two-color dual-temperature flash, and the rear lens is also equipped with a Sony sensor. The effective lens design of the rear lens is: 16 million (F / 1.7) + 14 million (F / 1.8) + 8 million (F / 2.0) = 38 million pixels. The rear lens is also equipped with HDR high-dynamic camera technology. The phone supports 8X times optical zoom technology, and the photos are still clearly visible after multiple magnifications.

The iPhone’s new machine is the flagship trump card. The most proud of this machine is its 3D structured light technology, and its security performance is not comparable to other homes. However, in 2017, there is a specially designed 3D printing mask on the Internet that can break the face unlocking technology of Apple’s mobile phone. In response to this problem, Apple Mobile has developed a new machine patent technology to prevent face recognition from breaking. The security performance is much higher than fingerprint recognition. Is the face recognition technology highly secure? But it is said that Apple’s mobile phone will also be equipped with on-screen fingerprint recognition technology, and it is a full-screen overlay fingerprint sensor to achieve full-screen unlocking.

iPhone (Apple) excellence, this Apple phone body design has improved a lot compared to the previous generation, the body design is indeed a lot of thin, the previous phone is very heavy, the use is really not very convenient. Apple’s new machine is equipped with Corning Gorilla’s sixth-generation glass material, but the frame design is not made of glass material, but aluminum metal material. The metal frame has a rounded line design, which not only enhances the texture and color value of the mobile phone. The experience is also superb. The mobile phone battery design is equipped with a 4000 mAh graphene battery design, which will also support liquid cooling technology, and has a very strong battery life. In addition, Apple’s new machine also supports wireless charging technology and 22.5W fast charging technology. The user’s power needs.

iPhone is bottoming out, it is understood that Apple’s new machine will not launch 5G mobile phone this year, because Apple’s 5G technology is still under development, it is expected to be completed next year, but the core configuration of Apple’s new machine is still very powerful, processor Will be equipped with the latest A13 chip, but Apple has always been ignorant of the new technology, the specific details of the majority of users are still unknown, may still have to wait until the new machine released! Apple’s new mobile phone running memory and storage space will be designed to be 4GB, 6GB with 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, the strongest match will be 6GB + 512GB, plus a strong lightning chip, this may indeed be a lightning mobile phone .

iPhone bottom-up salary, the machine with 38 million + adhere to the bangs + 4000mAh + 512GB parameters listed, then Apple strives for excellence. In the new year, the Apple mobile phone still brings us a lot of surprises, especially in the details processing. I believe that in the new year, Apple will be very cautious in the pricing of mobile phones, and the price will not be too high. Especially for fruit powder, this is indeed a big benefit! I don’t know what everyone thinks?

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