Evaluation of OPPOA7, the appearance of high-end atmosphere, the price is acceptable to many people

I believe that everyone is quite optimistic about the OPPO series is a mobile phone, you know, this type of mobile phone is very popular in the country.

In addition, mobile phones such as OPPO are particularly popular in today’s market. It is important to know that such mobile phones are particularly cost-effective. Not only that, but the price of such mobile phones is also particularly cheap. Most people can accept it now.

Especially for most schooling parties, OPPO is a big idea. The reason why this is because OPPO series mobile phone prices are acceptable to students, especially those economic conditions. Tens of students, they want to buy a cost-effective mobile phone at the lowest price is simply a dream.

The OPPO series of mobile phones can meet all the requirements of everyone.

The most important thing is that for those students, this type of mobile phone is not only affordable, but also very attractive. It is precisely because of this, so when you use this mobile phone, you will find that this mobile phone can not only be used to play Games, online chat and a range of mobile phone features.

And even if you have used it for a year or two, you won’t feel any Caton. After all, OPPO’s CPU and internal integrated construction are quite strong, so it is especially suitable for student party use, and can also be used with Apple, Samsung. The two major mobile phone manufacturers are comparable.

And this mobile phone we want to measure today, but OPPO’s a god machine, it not only looks high-end atmosphere, but also the price is also acceptable to many people, this phone is OPPO’s A7.

Speaking of this phone, its shape is really special, you need to know that it uses a rain screen design, and the design of this screen is a highlight of OPPO, I believe everyone has seen Apple before. The mobile phone, because Apple’s mobile phone uses Liu Haiping, Liu Haiping, for those who like to play games, it is a design that blocks operations.

You know that when you enter the game, you will find that this Liu Haiping will block you, although it has been changed and changed, but its screen has become a bit small.

OPPO’s mobile phone is very reasonable in design. The reason for this is that this mobile phone only uses this full screen with only one point, so it will not block the player’s line of sight and will not block the player’s operation. For those students, playing games is a must-have phone.

In addition to these, this phone is really good, its battery capacity is also very large, even more than 4,000 is good, but also suitable for young people.

You know, when you play games, the most annoying thing in general is that there is no electricity except for the phone call, because you can not only continue to play when there is no electricity, but it may even cause the shutdown, let you be in the ranking. In the game, it became a hanging party directly.

And this phone can completely get rid of these players’ pain. When you use this phone in the game, you will find that whether he calls or texts, it will not stop you from playing games, and its battery Capacity allows you to play for a long time.

However, we recommend this phone today, because the OPPOA7 is quite cheap, only sells for more than 1,500, and it is a very affordable mobile phone compared to the previous 4,000-plus high-end mobile phone. Its appearance ratio is also quite large, so for those who like to play games, this phone will be your best experience.

In addition, the back of the phone uses a 3D curved surface design, which makes the hand feel better and smooth.

OPPO’s camera has always been very popular, you know that this phone uses a rear 13 million plus 2 million camera, and his front is 16 million pixels, so you can use your facial expressions Identify your age and skin tone to make your beauty stand out.

And its chip is using Snapdragon 450, although the chip is a bit more expensive than those with high prices, but the price of more than 1,000 yuan can buy the Snapdragon 450 chip is very good, it can be said that the startup should be regarded as A big innovation.

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