OPPO new machine K1 mobile phone experience evaluation, I can’t think of such a mobile phone!

OPPO K series of the first thousand yuan mobile phone, K1 officially launched on October 19, the emergence of the K series, perfecting the layout of the OPPO product line, forming a situation of high and low collocation, let’s take a look at the value of this mobile phone Not worth buying!


OPPO K1 body size is moderate, using 19.5:9 ratio grip is better, more in line with the public demand, using a 6.4-inch water drop full screen, and equipped with photoelectric screen fingerprints, the screen panel uses the flagship mobile phone to use the fifth generation of Corning The Gorilla Glass, which uses the COF packaging process, has reached the level of many flagship grades this year, making the screen ratio 91%, so it can accommodate more information, and the visual sense will be better when playing games!

OPPO K1 innovative uses the nano-scale IMT 3D molding injection process, using popular gradient colors, red, blue, silver green, blue and black three color options to choose, in different angles of the environment to emit bright light, from the touch, The visual effect is basically close to the glass texture, and of course it is more resistant to falling.

The first thousand yuan screen fingerprint mobile phone

OPPO K1 breaks the photoelectric screen fingerprint only for high-end mobile phones, and decentralizes this technology to the K series. This is also the cheapest screen fingerprint mobile phone in the whole network. Since the screen fingerprint uses Microlens microlens, this increases the sensitivity by 10%-20 %, sensor and resolution are larger than many screen fingerprints, which also gives this phone a very good fingerprint experience.

Flagship camera system

OPPO K1 front is 25 million pixels, from the hardware aspect is stronger than the average flagship mobile phone, plus OPPO’s self-timer powerful AI wisdom beauty gene, I believe that the self-timer level is not much stronger than K1, the rear is adopted 16 million + 2 million pixel dual camera, let’s enjoy the photo proofs below.

When shooting with macro shots, the background is automatically blurred to make the flowers look more beautiful.

In a strong light, the image is good, the picture is clearer, and the details of the figure can be clearly seen.

Below this building is dark and natural

Endurance experience

Although the mobile phone has developed relatively fast, the battery life has always been the pain point of the smart phone. After the actual measurement of 1 hour of “stimulus battlefield” power down 12%, 1 hour online video power down 11%, brush microblogging 1 hour power down 9%, this Life is at a medium to upper level. From this data, it can be seen that it can fully meet the needs of heavy users. This is mainly due to the low power consumption of Qualcomm Snapdragon 660AIE. From the test data, it can be seen that OPPO K1’s 3600mAh is better than many flagship machines. A little regret is that VOOC flash charging is not supported.

Performance experience

OPPO K1 new machine does not use MediaTek, but equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 660AIE chip, coupled with the game manufacturers, the game is specially optimized, so that in the high frame rate mode downstream play the king glory, can achieve an average frame rate of 60. This is why the Snapdragon 660AIE is well received by users.

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